Tactical Exercise by Training Command Force Protection Platoon

Friday, 15.7.2022 | Training
The "Serbian Shield" tactical exercise was carried out this week at the "South" base and at the "Borovac" training ground near Bujanovac, where the readiness of the force protection platoon for deployment in the UNIFIL was evaluated.

During the three-day exercise, the platoon solved a variety of tactical tasks adapted to the conditions prevailing in the area of operation in this Middle Eastern country, while the training and interoperability of the unit was evaluated by an evaluation team from the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff.

Procedures during the march, application of anti-aircraft protection measures, work at a permanent checkpoint and observation station, and actions in the event of encountering mines and explosive devices or an attack on the base were monitored and evaluated.

The results achieved during the exercise showed that the force protection platoon reached the defined standards and was fully ready to be deployed in the peacekeeping operation in Lebanon.

The Serbian Armed Forces have been deploying a force protection platoon in the United Nations mission in Lebanon since 2014. The main task of this platoon, which is part of the Italian contingent, is to secure the base where the United Nations forces are stationed.

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