Training Evaluation of June 2022 Class of Soldiers

Friday, 15.7.2022 | Training
This week an evaluation of the individual training of soldiers for voluntary military service of the "June 2022" class was carried out in the Serbian Armed Forces basic training centres in Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac.

In the previous six weeks, they were theoretically and practically trained to handle different types of infantry weapons, they mastered basic tactical operations and successfully passed the physical ability test.

On the final exam of individual training, during the first day, the soldiers solved tasks from tactical training, while on the second day, they demonstrated knowledge, abilities and skills in the use of means and military equipment, the level of drill and knowledge of the Rules of Service of the Serbian Armed Forces. 

This generation of soldiers has also achieved very good and excellent results and thus showed that they were ready for the next phase of training that awaits them after their transfer to specialist training centres. In these centres, they will be trained for specialties within their branches and services, after which they will be assigned to units of the Serbian Armed Forces until the end of their military service.

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