Deploying New Rotation of Force Protection Platoon to the UNIFIL Mission

Thursday, 26.8.2021 | Multinational Operations
Force Protection platoon from the Training Command was deployed today from the "Constantine the Great" Airport in Niš to the United Nations peacekeeping operation in Lebanon.

In the next six months, Force Protection platoon will perform the tasks of securing the base in the Sector West within the Italian contingent. They will take over the duty from the previous, twelfth in a row, platoon rotation in Lebanon, which in the previous six months has successfully completed all tasks in accordance with the mandate of the UNIFIL mission.

The UNIFIL mission was established by the United Nations Security Council resolutions of March 19, 1978, and the Serbian Armed Forces have been deploying a Force Protection platoon within the Italian contingent since 2014. In addition to the Force Protection platoon, the Serbian Armed Forces also deploy an Infantry company in this mission, which performs tasks as an independent unit within the Spanish battalion in the multinational brigade of the Sector East.

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