Reconstruction of Roads in the Ground Safety Zone

Saturday, 9.10.2021 | Training
In accordance with the annual engagement plans, members of the Serbian Armed Forces are carrying out works on the mitigation and reconstruction of local roads in the vicinity of Bujanovac in the Ground Safety Zone.

The works are performed by the engineering task force from the 4th Army Brigade, with the use of modern engineering machinery with which the unit has been equipped during previous years.

As part of the planned works, potholes and other damages on the roads are being repaired, slopes are being removed, drainage canals are being dug and widened, and warning signs for marking road traffic are being installed on critical sections.

Reconstruction of roads creates conditions for uninterrupted and safe supply and maneuver of units of the Serbian Armed Forces and other security forces in this part of the country, which is of key importance for the implementation of tasks on securing the administrative line with Kosovo and Metohija and control of the Ground Safety Zone.

In this way, the ability of members of engineering units of the road specialty to perform assigned tasks is improved, and at the same time it helps the local community in creating conditions for the uninterrupted life and work of the locals of this area.

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