Basic Training for Marksman Duties in Serbian Armed Forces

Friday, 8.4.2022 | Training
Officers and soldiers are currently receiving their basic specialist training for marksman duties in SAF units at the Training Command’s training grounds and exercise areas. 

This is a three-week training aimed to train a marksman to execute independently or in pair specific fire assignments in all weather, terrain and combat conditions.

The program contains a number of contents of tactical and fire training, with the highlight on proper choice and management of cover for taking action, camouflaged ground movement and execution of day and night firings from 7.9 mm M-76 marksman rifle and 12,7 mm M-93 long-range rifle, using modern optronics and camouflage devices.

Only selected SAF members attend this training, those who score the best firing results and are psychologically and physically fit for executing marksman tasks. Those members who pass successfully all basic training contents will be referred to an advanced course to achieve the necessary standards required from a SAF marksman.

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