Future SAF NCOs Attend Specialist Training

Tuesday, 19.4.2022 | Training
Units of the Serbian Armed Forces are currently delivering the 2nd module of the Basic NCO Course, providing training to selected professional soldiers from all SAF components for commanding a group, team and section.

At this training level, future NCOs undergo specialist training to perform individual and collective tasks on their initial branch-specific or service-specific NCO duties.

The training program contains theoretical contents on the branches/services’ weapons and equipment focusing on the practical part about the methods used by the course participants for commanding a section, providing training to soldiers and professional soldiers and executing all the planned firing activities using personal and branch-specific weapons.

As the course continues, participants will go on their joint camping and perform internship in SAF units having their work and competence overseen and assessed by experienced commanders and First NCOs.

The Basic NCO Course is 26 weeks long, including three modules — basic, specialist and internship in SAF units. Soldiers who complete successfully the Basic NCO Course will be promoted to the rank of Sergeant and posted to appropriate initial NCO positions.

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