Training of Soldiers on Armored and Mechanized Units’ Assets

Wednesday, 24.11.2021 | Training
In the Army Training Centre there is an ongoing specialist training of soldiers on military service of the "September 2021" generation and professional soldiers on additional training on armored and mechanized units’ assets.

After successfully mastering the training on training equipment and testing theoretical knowledge, soldiers who are trained for the duties of drivers of the M84 tank, the M-80A infantry fighting vehicle and the JVBT-55A recovery tank at the "Mogila" range near Požarevac are perfecting the techniques of operating combat vehicles in the field.

Precise operating of vehicles on different terrains, overcoming obstacles, driving at night and in difficult meteorological conditions, driving on slope, and eliminating possible breakdowns and maintenance of resources, are part of the content that is covered during this training period.

After this, the soldiers will have the driving test and evaluation of the specialist training level, after which they will upgrade and improve the acquired knowledge and skills in operating combat vehicles in the Serbian Armed Forces units during the collective training and at their positions.

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