The River Training of Soldiers of Engineer Branch

Friday, 27.5.2022 | Training
Soldiers of the engineer branch performing their military service as of March 2022 have executed stationary camping on the Sava River near Šabac, following a multi-week specialized training conducted on the training grounds and exercise areas of the Army Training Center.
Over the past two weeks, soldiers have been trained in overcoming water obstacles and performing roles of crews of the amphibious transporter, pontoon bridge and tugboat on a temporary training ground on the Sava River.

During the field activities, they could apply and examine practically their knowledge of the characteristics of water obstacles and ways to overcome them, and execute drills which involved crossing the river by specific and improvised vessels.

Stationary camping is another segment of specialized training of this class of soldiers on military service to be concluded next week with a test of their fitness to execute independently specific tasks they have been preparing for. Afterwards, soldiers will receive a collective training and be actively involved in performing SAF units’ daily assignments until the end of their military service.

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