Live Fire at Targets in the Airspace

Thursday, 21.10.2021 | Training
Members of the artillery-missile units for anti-aircraft operations from the Army conducted live fire at targets in the airspace with short-range means at the „Pasuljanske livade“ range.

The aim of the firing is a practical test of training for destroying and neutralizing targets in the air from a light portable system for anti-aircraft operations 9K32M „strela 2M“.  

Previously, members of the artillery and missile units for anti-aircraft operations underwent comprehensive individual preparations in the parent units, and conducted training and control-training firing at the military airfield „Colonel-pilot Milenko Pavlović“ in Batajnica.

Conducting live fire at targets in the airspace is the final and most important segment of training in anti-aircraft operation units, and the achieved excellent and very good results testify to the ability and high motivation of the personnel to perform designated tasks.

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