Training of Future SAF NCOs

Tuesday, 22.2.2022 | Training
NCO Training Centre "Sergeant Milunka Savić" is training the participants of the Basic NCO Course, the 19th in a row, which is conducted in this specialized centre of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Professional soldiers undergoing the training are those who have previously successfully completed the Leadership Course and their results in the unit have shown that they are ready for this level of training. During the six months of the Basic NCO Course, they will be trained for initial non-commissioned officer duties in the Serbian Armed Forces units.

Within the first-joint module, which is now being implemented, participants are trained to command the department, perform general tactical tasks and perform basic individual and general military training. Special attention is paid to the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for successful command of departments during the performance of tactical actions in combat operations.

Upon completion of the first module, future non-commissioned officers will receive specialist training for the duties of deputy squad commander within their branch or service, and then a three-week internship in the Serbian Armed Forces units. Those who successfully master all modules will be promoted to the rank of sergeant and assigned to appropriate non-commissioned officer duties in the Serbian Armed Forces units.

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