Enlistment of the Youngest Generation of Soldiers into Military Service

Friday, 2.9.2022 | Stories from Units
Soldiers of the "September 2022" class have been enlisted for doing voluntary military service in the SAF Training Centers in Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac.

Upon arrival at the barracks, the soldiers passed the mandatory medical examinations, were assigned weapons and equipment and then were posted to units, where commanders introduced them to their rights, obligations and tasks.

During the next month and a half of stay in basic training centers, soldiers of all specialties will master close order drills, service rules and be trained in handling personal weapons, performing basic tactical combat actions and procedures, with continuous leveling up of their physical abilities.

Military service lasts six months and includes basic and individual specialist training in the Training Command Centers, and then collective training and active involvement in the daily routine of SAF units until the end of military service.

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