Mechanized Battalion Conducts Computer-Assisted Simulation Exercise

Thursday, 21.9.2023 | Training
This week, the 2nd Army Brigade Mechanized Battalion is conducting Exercise “Steel Maneuver 2023” at the SAF Simulation Training Center.

The Exercise is intended to examine the Battalion HQ’s capability to plan, organize and undertake actions on SAF combat operations in a simulated operational environment.

Implementation of the training activities involves checking upon the knowledge of principles governing the use of the Mechanized Battalion on operations, interoperability with the Army, Air Force and Air Defense units and cooperation with civilian elements. The focus is on applying tactical actions and staff procedures in the phase of conducting operations, with a daily analysis of the HQ work in the process of making decision at all levels of command.

Computer-assisted simulation exercises represent an important form of practical training for HQs in the Serbian Armed Forces. They provide an opportunity for staff officers and unit HQs to improve their ability to plan and execute combat operations spending minimum amount of material resources.

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