Training in Toxic Chemicals Detection

Thursday, 4.11.2021 | Training
This week, the CBRN Centre in Kruševac is conducting the course "Detection of Toxic Chemicals and Industrial Toxic Chemicals", which is attended by members of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Cypriot National Guard.

During the five-day training, participants acquire knowledge about the physico-chemical characteristics of toxic chemicals and are trained to use contaminated materials detection devices and provide first aid in case of poisoning.

Devices and equipment used in the Serbian Armed Forces are those used at the training, which is performed by certified instructors from the Centre. The focus is on acquiring knowledge and skills for performing toxicological analyzes of water, heavy metal salts and chemically contaminated samples with the use of a laboratory for the detection and identification of toxic chemicals.

Conducting this international course contributes to the status of the CBRN Centre as a regional and partner center for education and training and to the strengthening of military cooperation with the Cypriot National Guard.

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