Basic Course for Deployment in Peacekeeping Operations

Monday, 4.10.2021 | Training
Basic Course for deployment in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations began today at the „South“ base, organized by the Peacekeeping Operations Center. 
The course is attended by officers and non-commissioned officers who will be deployed in key positions in contingents and units of the Serbian Armed Forces in peacekeeping operations in the coming period. During the one-week training, participants will be introduced to the organization of the United Nations, the mandate and structure of peacekeeping operations, the functioning of security and logistical security of deployed units and other contents that are crucial for successful performance in the international environment.

The training is conducted by the instructor team from the Peacekeeping Operations Center with the support of the commands of the Serbian Armed Forces operational units and the engagement of guest lecturers from the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff.

With the implementation of this course, the Serbian Armed Forces will have another contingent of officers trained to work as key personnel in peacekeeping operations in accordance with the UN procedures and standards.

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