International Course in CBRN Centre

Thursday, 17.10.2019 | Training
An international Course on Detection, Dosimetry and Protection Against Ionizing Radiation is underway at the CBRN Centre in Kruševac, attended by members of the armed forces from seven countries.
During the five-day training in classrooms and practical exercises, trainees from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Northern Macedonia, Spain, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates are trained to work in conditions of exposure to ionizing radiation.
The course provides training in handling basic equipment for ionizing radiation dosimetry, identifying the effects of radiation on biological systems, and applying basic protection measures.

The participants got familiar with the measuring instruments and techniques of measuring and identifying sources of ionizing radiation in the field conditions, using the means of radiation detection and dosimetry.
The CBRN Centre organized the course, with the assistance of lecturers and instructors from the Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences and the Armed Forces of the Republic of Austria.

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