Soldier Training in River Flotilla

Tuesday, 4.10.2022 | Training
Soldiers performing their military service since June 2022 are currently receiving their training on the Danube River near Novi Sad alongside professional soldiers recently admitted to the River Flotilla units, who are upgrading their skills.

Embarked on river ships, the soldiers are being prepared for the duties of signalers and crews of the ship artillery weapons, and for carrying out collective missions on waterway operations.

As stipulated in the training curriculum, artillerymen are to obtain knowledge and skills in handling and maintaining the 20mm and 30mm anti-aircraft naval guns, while signalers are trained in sending and receiving signals for general ship movement and communication in joint navigation. In this period, the training takes place at the anchorage, preparing soldiers fully for accomplishing intended tasks at their battle posts during navigation and scheduled firing.

Soldiers on military service and professional soldiers in the River Flotilla undergo training throughout the year. Additional training, however, conducted routinely in all SAF units, prepares professional soldiers for their higher branch/service-specific duties, adding to the overall proficiency of the unit.

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