Training of Soldiers on Military Service in Signal Brigade

Monday, 7.2.2022 | Training
Soldiers of the "September 2021" class who are serving the second period of their military service in the Signal Brigade are undergoing intensive training for conducting collective tasks in the "Topčider" barracks in Belgrade.
After successfully completing individual training in the centers of the Training Command, soldiers in this unit of the Serbian Armed Forces are trained in several specialties of the telecommunications service, such as radio-teleprinter, telephone operator and radio relay operator.

The training is performed in specially equipped cabinets, which provide conditions for practical work on modern devices and systems, and in field conditions, where the focus is on practicing actions and procedures when setting up telecommunications stations and checking the quality of communications in planned radio networks.

After the end of their military service, soldiers will be offered the opportunity to join the Serbian Armed Forces as a professional soldier, and those who decide to start their careers in the Signal Brigade will perform responsible duties to ensure the continuity of the telecommunications and information system functioning in the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces.

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