Training for Infantry Soldiers in Army

Monday, 5.9.2022 | Training
The intensive training of infantry soldiers in executing collective assignments of the Army infantry battalions and conducting combat actions in the Serbian Armed Forces operations is underway.

Soldiers performing their military service as of June 2022 assigned to infantry battalions after successfully completing individual specialist training at the centres of the Training Command, as well as professional soldiers who have assumed their duties in the units in the previous period are currently undergoing this training.

At this training level, the focus is on practicing tactical actions on the battlefield in the execution of defensive and offensive operations employing modern weapons used by the units and performing scheduled firing from infantry weapons. 

The conduct of this training improves the competence of soldiers performing military service and professional soldiers who have recently been introduced into the units and maintains a high level of the competence of infantry battalions for carrying out specific tasks in the Army operations.

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