Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion

The Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion is a unit of the Army equipped and trained to gather intelligence with in order to provide the intelligence support of the Army.
The battalion's main combat asset is BRDM-2MS armored reconnaissance vehicle.

The battalion is composed of a command and three armored reconnaissance companies. Command and units of the Reconnaissance Battalion are stationed in Niš.

Lieutenant colonel Ivan Simonović is the commander of the Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion.

Tasks of the Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion

The Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion performs the following tasks:

  • Collecting intelligence for conducting operations of the Army
  • Training and practicing command and units to perform dedicated tasks.

The battalion was formed on October 15, 2019.

Contact information

Address: Nikola Tesla Boulevard, 18 000 Niš
Phone: +381 (0) 18 808-322