Multinational Operations

Multinational operations are activities undertaken within collective security and collective defense framework, in accordance with the international law and internationally confirmed agreements.

A successful use of forces in multinational operations is provided through:

  • existence of clear mandate and mission;
  • provision of adequate forces who have capabilities to perform a mission;
  • planning and provision of capacities for safe withdrawal of forces from a mission, if needed;
  • logistics support;
  • support to command over forces and
  • legal and social protection of people engaged in operations.
Military force is used in accordance with a mission’s mandate and forces’ rules of engagement.

Depending on a goal, parts of Serbian Armed Forces can participate in the following multinational operations:

  • peacekeeping and peace-building operations;
  • conflict prevention and peacemaking operations;
  • joint defense operations, in accordance with the decisions issued by relevant authorities;
  • providing assistance in countering international terrorism and large-scale terrorist attacks and
  • humanitarian aid.
While an operation is being conducted, the national contingent is placed under operational authority of multinational forces’ command.

Depending on United Nations Security Council’s mandate, multinational operations can be combat and non-combat.