Who is who in Serbian Armed Forces

General Staff

  • General Milan Mojsilović
    Chief of General Staff, Serbian Armed Forces
    Milan Mojsilović
  • Lieutenant General Želimir Glišović
    Deputy Chief of General Staff, Serbian Armed Forces
    Lieutenant General
    Želimir Glišović
  • Colonel Slađan Hristov
    Head of Office of the Chief of the SAF General Staff
    Slađan Hristov
  • Brigadier General Savo Iriškić
    Head of Human Resources Directorate (J-1)
    Brigadier General
    Savo Iriškić
  • Brigadier General Dragan Arsenijević
    Head of Intelligence and Reconnaissance Affairs Directorate (J-2)
    Brigadier General
    Dragan Arsenijević
  • Major General Tiosav Janković
    Head of Operations Directorate (J-3)
    Major General
    Tiosav Janković
  • Major General Srđan Petković
    Head of Logistics Directorate (J-4)
    Major General
    Srđan Petković
  • Brigadier General Milan Popović
    Head of Development and Equipment Directorate (J-5)
    Brigadier General
    Milan Popović
  • Brigadier General Mile Vitezović
    Head of Telecommunications and Information Technology Direcorate (J-6)
    Brigadier General
    Mile Vitezović
  • Brigadier General Muharem Fazlić
    Head of Training and Doctrine Directorate (J-7)
    Brigadier General
    Muharem Fazlić
  • Brigadier General Milan Lazić
    Head of Military Police Directorate
    Brigadier General
    Milan Lazić
  • Colonel Radovan Damnjanović
    Head of Finance Department (J-8)
    Radovan Damnjanović
  • Colonel Branko Popović
    Head of CIMIC Department (J-9)
    Branko Popović
  • Sergeant Major Nenad Stević
    Sergeant Major, Serbian Armed Forces
    Sergeant Major
    Nenad Stević
  • Sergeant Major Goran Đukić
    Command Sergeant Major of the SAF General Staff
    Sergeant Major
    Goran Đukić


  • Lieutenant General Milosav Simović
    Commander, Army
    Lieutenant General
    Milosav Simović
  • Brigadier General Jovica Matić
    Commander, 1st Army Brigade
    Brigadier General
    Jovica Matić
  • Brigadier General Siniša Stašević
    Commander, 2nd Army Brigade
    Brigadier General
    Siniša Stašević
  • Colonel Vladan Milosavljević
    Commander, 3rd Army Brigade
    Vladan Milosavljević
  • Colonel Siniša Nikolić
    Commander, 4th Army Brigade
    Siniša Nikolić
  • Captain Ljubiša Marković
    Commander, River Flotilla
    Ljubiša Marković
  • Colonel Dejan Novaković
    Commander, Mixed Artillery Brigade
    Dejan Novaković
  • Lieutenant Colonel Miroslav Stankovski
    Commander, 246th CBRN Battalion
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Miroslav Stankovski
  • Lieutenant Colonel Goran Milošević
    Commander, 3rd MP Battalion
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Goran Milošević
  • Lieutenant colonel Mirko Đokić
    Commander, 5th MP Battalion
    Lieutenant colonel
    Mirko Đokić
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ljubiša Pajić
    Commander, 21st Signal Battalion
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Ljubiša Pajić
  • Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandar Zdravković
    Commander, T-72M Tank Battalion
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Aleksandar Zdravković
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Simonović
    Commander, Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Ivan Simonović
  • Colonel Vojkan Radonjić
    Head of Technical Overhaul Institute “Čačak”
    Vojkan Radonjić
  • Sergeant Major Ivica Božilović
    Sergeant Major of the Army
    Sergeant Major
    Ivica Božilović

Air Force and Air Defence

  • Lieutenant General Duško Žarković
    Commander, Air Force and Air Defence
    Lieutenant General
    Duško Žarković
  • Brigadier General Milan Elenkov
    Commander, 204 Air Force Brigade
    Brigadier General
    Milan Elenkov
  • Brigadier General Novica Gogić
    Commander, 250th AD Missile Brigade
    Brigadier General
    Novica Gogić
  • Colonel Dragan Mrdak
    Commander, 98th Air Force Brigade
    Dragan Mrdak
  • Colonel Jovica Kepčija
    Commander, 126th ASEWG Brigade
    Jovica Kepčija
  • Colonel Slaviša Pavlović
    Director, Aeronautical Institute Moma Stanojlović
    Slaviša Pavlović
  • Lieutenant Colonel Nenad Bačević
    Head of Aero Medical Institute
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Nenad Bačević
  • Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Novaković
    Commander, 210st Signal Battalion
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Ivan Novaković
  • Lieutenant Colonel Duško Cvijanović
    Commander, 333rd Engineer Battalion
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Duško Cvijanović
  • Sergeant Major Saša Sailović
    Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force and Air Defеnce
    Sergeant Major
    Saša Sailović

Training Command

  • Major General Zoran Nasković
    Commander, Training Command
    Major General
    Zoran Nasković
  • Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandar Petrović
    Commander, HQ Battalion
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Aleksandar Petrović
  • Colonel Lazar Ostojić
    Commander, 1st Training Centre
    Lazar Ostojić
  • Colonel Saša Stojiljković
    Commander, 2nd Training Centre
    Saša Stojiljković
  • Colonel Zoran Cvetković
    Commander, 3rd Training Centre
    Zoran Cvetković
  • Colonel Duško Jović
    Commander, Army Training Centre
    Duško Jović
  • Lieutenant Colonel Branislav Krstić
    Commander, Air Force and Air Defence Training Centre
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Branislav Krstić
  • Colonel Saša Petković
    Commander, Logistics Training Centre
    Saša Petković
  • Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Filipović
    Commander, CBRN Centre
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Vladimir Filipović
  • Lieutenant Colonel Nenad Dražinac
    Commander, IT and Signals Training Centre
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Nenad Dražinac
  • Colonel Predrag Vasović
    Commander, NCO Training Centre
    Predrag Vasović
  • Colonel Zdenko Cvijetić
    Commander, Dog Training Centre
    Zdenko Cvijetić
  • Lieutenant Colonel Nikola Fatić
    Commander, Banat Brigade
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Nikola Fatić
  • Colonel Milomir Rajić
    Commander, Belgrade Brigade
    Milomir Rajić
  • Colonel Saša Todorov
    Commander, Timok Brigade
    Saša Todorov
  • Colonel Milonja Bubanja
    Commander, Rasina Brigade
    Milonja Bubanja
  • Lieutenant Colonel Predrag Milićević
    Commander, Combined Arms Training Ground
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Predrag Milićević
  • Sergeant Major Bratislav Drenovac
    Sergeant Major of the Training Command
    Sergeant Major
    Bratislav Drenovac


  • Colonel Željko Furundžić
    Commander, SAF Guard
    Željko Furundžić
  • Sergeant Major Miroslav Marjanovic
    Command Sergeant Major, SAF Guard
    Sergeant Major
    Miroslav Marjanovic

72nd Special Operations Brigade

  • Brigadier General Miroslav Talijan
    Commander, 72nd Special Operations Brigade
    Brigadier General
    Miroslav Talijan
  • Sergeant Major Mihailo Bogićević
    Command Sergeant Major, 72nd Special Operations Brigade
    Sergeant Major
    Mihailo Bogićević

63rd Parachute Brigade

  • Brigadier General Nenad Zonić
    Commander, 63rd Parachute Brigade
    Brigadier General
    Nenad Zonić
  • Sergeant Major Dalibor Tasić
    Command Sergeant Major, 63rd Parachute Brigade
    Sergeant Major
    Dalibor Tasić