72nd Special Operations Brigade

The 72nd Special Operations Brigade is a tactical unit, organized on a modular basis, designed and trained to conduct special operations, sabotage, counter-sabotage, counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering, primarily in enemy formation, in tactical and operational depth, under all land, meteorological and combat conditions.

The 72nd Special Operations Brigade includes Command, Command Battalion, Special Operations Battalion "Griffons", Special Operations Battalion "Falcons", Logistics Company and Military Police Platoon.

The 72nd Special Operations Brigade Commander is Brigadier General, PhD Miroslav Talijan. 

72nd Special Operations Brigade Tasks

The 72nd Special Operations Brigade performs the following tasks:

  • Reconnaissance in operational and tactical depth;
  • Performing sabotages on enemy military facilities;
  • Participation in intelligence operations;
  • Resolving hostage situations;
  • Destruction of terrorist groups;
  • Suppression of armed rebellion;
  • Detection and marking of aviation and artillery operations targets, and
  • Rescue of downed pilots, abandoned and inserted sabotage and reconnaissance groups and individuals in the enemy background 

72nd Special Operations Brigade Training

The 72nd Special Operations Brigade conducts an intensive training, which consists of selective, basic and advanced special units training.

Selective training lasts for 10 weeks and is realized through the elimination and qualification phase. Candidates who successfully master the selective training program are accepted and assigned to formation positions in the 72nd Special Operations Brigade units, and they are sent to basic and advanced specialist training.

Basic special units training lasts for six months and consists of: physical training, fire training, basic sniper training, tactical training, tactical special units training, topography and land orientation, fire support equipment and systems training, telecommunications equipment training, as well as tactical exercises performing.

Advanced special units training lasts for six months and includes training through courses in the 72nd Special Operations Brigade units and the Serbian Armed Forces Training Centers. Advanced training is in principle realized through the following forms of training:

  • Fire training (fast and accurate shooting and tactical use of weapons);
  • Mountaineering training in summer and winter conditions;
  • Cold weapons training;
  • Wilderness and survival training in summer and winter conditions;
  • Advanced sniper training;
  • Overcoming water obstacles training;
  • Ski training;
  • Basic parachute training;
  • Elements and materials demolition training;
  • IEDs training 

Unit members’ training is realized by attending various courses in the country and abroad, such as:

  • Officers and NCOs Reconnaissance Course;
  • Military Police Units Course;
  • Advanced Parachute Training;
  • Foreign Language Courses;
  • Course on mountaineering and mountain rescue service in summer;
  • Course on skiing, mountaineering and mountain rescue services in winter;
  • River Frogmen and Light Divers Course;
  • Survival Instructors Training;
  • Sniper Instructors Training;

72nd Special Operations Brigade Tradition

The 72nd Special Operations Brigade is a legal successor of the 72nd Special Brigade, which was awarded the Order of the War Flag on June 16, 2000.

As part of the organizational changes from 2006, parts of the 72nd Special Brigade became a part of the newly formed Special Brigade. Brigade rank and unit status were restored by the decision of the President of the Republic of Serbia on December 21, 2019, on the basis of which the 72nd Special Operations Brigade was reestablished, as a unit directly subordinated to the Chief of General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces

The Day of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade is marked on January 27.

The motto of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade is: 


Contact information

Address: Jabučki put bb, 26 000 Pančevo 
Phone: +381 (0) 13 326 026
Fax: +381 (0) 13 326 502
E-mail: 72brso@vs.rs

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