Tactical Exercises and Drills of SAF Special Force Units

Tuesday, 9.4.2024 | Training
The Special Force Units of the Serbian Armed Forces participating in the Joint Live-Fire Tactical Exercise “Whirlwind 2024” have started with the implementation of tactical exercises and drills at several locations outside the peacetime dispositions.

Combat teams from the Special-Purpose MP Detachment “Cobras”, with the support of an AF and AD helicopter unit, are performing tasks on the move and practicing the execution of special actions in a counter-terrorist operation in a rural environment.

By carrying out complex tactical missions, the unit members are refining the field-search procedures, encirclement and destruction of terrorist groups, taking active and passive measures against detected UAVs and remotely piloted aircraft, and MEDEVAC by air.

The 63rd Parachute Brigade units are practicing a vertical maneuver, with the emplacement of new basing areas in preparation for the next phases of the exercise, while the 72nd Special Operations Brigade’s teams are doing combat training in a rural environment.

At the same time, in this phase of the exercise, other engaged forces of the SAF are implementing preparatory activities for operational development in their areas of responsibility as planned, while performing various tactical tasks on the move.

With daily increase in their intensity and complexity, the training activities of SAF forces will be carried out until April 21 at permanent and temporary training grounds of the Serbian Armed Forces. The goal of the two-week joint exercise is to improve further the commands’ and units’ abilities to prepare and execute combat operations, organize interoperability, cooperation and force protection, as well as control of the territory and logistics support to forces in the area of operation.

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