Armament of the AD Artillery-Missile Units

Air Defence artillery-missile units are equipped with means of observation, fire control and anti-aircraft operations against all means of assault from the airspace.

Pantsir S1 Air Defence Artillery-Missile System

Артиљеријско-ракетни систем за ПВД панцир С1

The Pantsir S1 air defence artillery-missile system is intended for air defence of important political-administrative, industrial and military facilities against actions from the airspace, and for protection of units and war equipment on the march.

Pantsir S1 ensures the destruction of aircraft, combat helicopters, cruise missiles, high-precision weapons, guided air bombs and unmanned aerial vehicles in all conditions. It can destroy a wide range of targets, with effective radar area greater than 0.03 m2, flight speed up to 1000 m/s with a probability of 0.8 to 0.9, including in conditions of mass air attacks and active and passive interference.

Air Defense Missile System S-125M “Neva”

S-125M Neva
The S-125M "Neva" air defence missile system is designed to destroy airborne targets flying at low and medium altitudes and destroy radar and ground-based targets.

The “Neva” missile system can destroy targets in departure and arrival up to 25 km and up to 18 km in altitude. The maximum missile speed is about 700 m/s.

A partial modernization of the "Neva" missile system — with the aim of improving the technical characteristics of the system — has been made to achieve higher new efficiency, better protection of combat services and saving resources.

Air Defence Missile System 2K12 “Kub”

 2K12 Kub
The 2K12 “Kub” air defence missile system is designed to destroy airborne targets flying at low and medium altitudes.

It is possible to destroy targets in departure and arrival at distances up to 24 km and at altitudes up to 14 km. The maximum missile speed is about 930 m/s.

The system is characterized by high mobility and the possibility of centralized command and control at the battalion level.

The modernization of the “Kub” missile system is underway to achieve a higher level of efficiency, better protection of combatants and save resources.

SLO S-10M Self-Propelled Launcher

The SLO S-10M self-propelled launcher is designed to destroy airborne targets.

In the Serbian Armed Forces, the “Srtrela 10M” system uses 9A34 self-propelled launchers and 9A35 vehicles with passive targeting. Both launcher variants can use "Strela 1M" rocket launchers instead of 9M37M missile containers.

Air Defence Missile System “Strela 1M”

Strela 1M
Air defence missile system “Strela 1M” is designed to destroy targets in the airspace

In the armament of the artillery and missile battalions of the Army are the batteries of the air defence  9P31M missile system “Strela 1M”. The battery consists of six self-propelled launchers with four missile on the launch pad and a command vehicle.

Air Defence Gun 40 mm L / 70 "Bofors"

40mm L/70 Bofors
The 40mm L/70 "Bofors" air defence gun is designed to defend ground forces, airports, command posts, important infrastructure against low-flying aircraft and cruise missiles. Ground and water targets can also be targeted if necessary.

The air defence battalions are equipped with 40mm L/70 caliber guns, a “Bofi” laser-computer group and an M85 Giraffe observation and acquisition radar (Ericsson Giraffe M75 on a FAP 2026 BDS/A domestic truck). The tools and electronics are of Swedish origin.