Successful Participation in А Competition in USA

Monday, 8.4.2024 | International Co-operation
Members of the Serbian Armed Forces completed successfully the “Best Warrior” Competition organized by the Ohio National Guard and held in the United States of America from 04 to 07 April.

Sergeant Vlajko Popović from the 72nd Special Operations Brigade took second place in the NCO category, while, in the soldier category, our men were among the top ten.

The competition took place at the “James A. Garfield” Camp near the city of Ravenna in the federal state of Ohio, USA, and members of the Ohio National Guard, Serbian Armed Forces and Hungarian Defense Forces took part in it.

They competed in 11 psychophysically demanding disciplines where they underwent a test of their physical preparedness, firearms skills and other military knowledge and abilities.

This has been the second participation of members of the Serbian Armed Forces in the “Best Warrior” Competition in the USA and only one of a number of activities of the Serbian Armed Forces and Ohio National Guard within the State Partnership Program aiming to raise operational capabilities and achieve interoperability of the armed forces, strengthen confidence and develop the overall relations between Serbia and the USA.

Last year, a member of the Serbian Armed Forces, Sergeant 1st Class Ivan Jeremić from the 72nd Special Operations Brigade, won this competition.

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