Technical Overhaul Institute “Čačak”

Technical Overhaul Institute „Čačak“ is a facility within Serbian Armed Forces whose basic activity is technical maintenance and general overhaul of combat technology including suitable accompanying systems, set of machines and devices.

On the grounds of developed overhaul technology, available capacities and long experience in this technological field, the Institute is able to give a successful overhaul to combat systems, such as tracked and wheeled vehicles, artillery weapons, missiles and infantry weapons, communication assets, optic and optoelectronic devices, energetic devices and rocket technology.

All of Institute’s developed capacities are also being used for providing the civilian sector with different services.

Colonel  Vojkan Radonjić, PhD is the Head of the Technical Overhaul Institute "Čačak".

TOI "Čačak" Activities

Thanks to successfully developed overhaul technology, available capacities, personnel potential and long experience, the Institute successfully provides the following services:

  • Technical maintenance and overhaul of engines, motor vehicles, agricultural, construction and mining mechanization,
  • Production of spare parts,
  • Machining,
  • Machining of engine parts,
  • Heat treatment and chemical heat treatment,
  • Regenerating of parts,
  • Overhaul and repair of personal and sports weapons,
  • Chemical and galvanic protection,
  • Repair and verification of measuring equipment. 

Institute's development is a continuous process to which special attention is being given. In current technological and personnel conditions, development is directed towards:

  • Mastering general overhaul of new technical assets of Serbian Armed Forces, 
  • Modifications and modernization of assets,
  • Mastering spare parts productions,
  • Developing new products of the Institute (military equipment and teaching aids),
  • Training of personnel for maintaining technical assets through organization of different specialized courses.

Technical Overhaul Institute "Čačak" is an important part of the maintenance system of Serbian Armed Forces assets. It has a respectable year's capacity of over 800.000 norm-hours, equipment, workspace and personnel trained for the maintenance of the most complex systems of Army weapons. 

Through long work on the overhaul of assets for the armed forces and civilian sector, the Institute created capacities which are able to regenerate complex parts and assembly blocks. This enabled the reuse of damaged parts, which significantly reduces overhaul costs.

Contact information

Address: 167, Dr Dragiše Mišović St., 32 000 Čačak
Phone:  +381 (0) 32 372-666
Fax: +381 (0) 32 372-674