Training of Reconnaissance Units of 2nd Army Brigade on Kopaonik

Friday, 21.1.2022 | Training
This week, members of the 2nd Army Brigade reconnaissance units underwent training for combat operations in winter conditions on Kopaonik.

The recce units underwent specific training on the mountain, such as orientation and movement in unfamiliar terrain in day and night conditions, a wilderness survival course, making and masking shelters for accommodation and stay of people.

During all-day activities, the ability of recce units members to use modern means of observation at night, apply procedures when encountering the enemy and mask movements and tracks in snow was practiced and checked.

Training in winter conditions is only one of the segments of complex training of recce units, which is organised throughout the year in all weather and terrain conditions, in order to preserve and improve the ability of recce officers to perform specific tasks in the depths of enemy's disposition.

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