Training of Members of 4th Army Brigade in Winter Conditions

Monday, 27.12.2021 | Training
Members of the reconnaissance units from the 4th Army Brigade conducted regular training in winter conditions during the previous week.

During the training on the slopes of Kopaonik, the scouts conducted the tactical and physical training, as well as the training of reconnaissance units in demanding microclimatic conditions. 

Orienteering and movement on unfamiliar and snow-covered terrain, making shelters for people’s accommodation and stay, camouflage, ambush operation and martial arts, are just some of the specific contents for which members of the reconnaissance units were trained.

Training of reconnaissance units is a continuous and demanding process, conducted throughout the year in all weather and terrain conditions and in situations similar to those in which they can find themselves in a real situation in the depths of the enemy's formation, in order to maintain and improve the ability to perform assigned tasks.

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