Training of Soldiers Doing Military Service in 63rd Parachute Brigade

Thursday, 13.1.2022 | Training
Soldiers doing voluntary military service of "September 2021" generation, who were assigned to the 63rd Parachute Brigade after the first phase of training, are undergoing training in winter conditions on Kopaonik this week.

In the previous period, they successfully mastered the contents of basic tactical training, performed all program shootings and tests of physical abilities, and began training for soldiers paratroopers.

In addition to basic skiing training, soldiers practice the procedures and tactical actions of reconnaissance in gathering intelligence on the mountain and are trained in orienteering and movement on unknown snow terrain, making and masking shelters, as well as driving snowmobiles.

After the end of the winter training, they are attending the wilderness survival camp and conducting parachute jumps, as the most important part of the basic parachute training for soldiers doing military service in this elite SAF unit.

During their military service, which they describe as an act of true patriotism, the soldiers show exceptional motivation and desire to serve their country as professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces in the 63rd Parachute Brigade, which they qualify for after successfully completing the upcoming parachute training.

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