Logistics Training Centre

Logistic Training Centre is intended to conduct individual specialized training of soldiers doing voluntary military service, cadets and personel from the reserve component who did not serve military service with weapons, as well as the training of all categories of staff (from professional soldiers to officers, from active and reserve component) of the following services – technical, quartermaster, transport, medical and veterinary, for the purpose of the defence system.

The Centre has capacities for training personnel from civil institutions of the Republic of Serbia and foreign armed forces personnel.

Logistic Training Centre comprises HQ, HQ Section, Transport Service Training Battalion, Quartermaster Service Training Company, Technical Service Training Company and Medical Service Training Company.

Colonel Saša Petković is the Commander of the Centre.

Tasks of the LTC

Logistic Training Centre is tasked with:

  • Training, education and further specialization of personnel of technical, quartermaster, transport, medical and veterinary service - soldiers, contractual soldiers, NCO candidates, NCOs, civilians and other persons upon a Minister of Defence’s decision (people from civilian structures, peacekeeping operations candidates and foreigners),
  • Specialized training of soldiers doing voluntary military service and professional soldiers,
  • Organizing and conducting courses for further training of logistic services,
  • Certification of soldiers’ training,
  • Providing its expertise to the people and istitutions beyond the Serbian Armed Forces and Ministry of Defence (upon a Minister of Defence’s decision).

Training in LTC

Logistic Training Centre conducts specialized training for military occupational specialties of logistic services - technical service (11 specialties), quartermaster service (2 specialties), transport service (2 specialties), medical service (2 specialties) and veterinary service (6 specialties). 

Total of 23 specialties of logistic services undergo training in Logistic Training Centre.

Specialized training conducted at Logistic Training Centre is an advanced individual training, through which one acquires necessary specialized knowledge and skills for military occupational specialties of logistic services, needed for self-reliant performance of formation duties within a a speciality.

The goal of the training is creation of a self-confident and disciplined soldier, who is physically ready, well motivated, and has training in basic skills, as well as qualities of a fighter, which would enable him to survive in the battle field and perform his tasks as a member of a crew or a team.

Background of the LTC

Logistic Training Centre was established in January 2007.

The Centre was originally established by the Logistic Department GS SAF, and its authority over it was transferred to Training Command on May 04, 2007. The Centre was established from 5 teaching centres and a Rear School Centre:

  • 186th Technical Teaching Centre
  • 414th Quartermaster Teaching Centre
  • 512th Medical Teaching Centre
  • 125th Transport Teaching Centre
  • 40th Veterinary Teaching Centre
  • Rear School Centre

The Centre is a legal successor of the said units and it continues their tradition. The Day of the Unit is celebrated on May 4, in remembrance of the day when the Centre was established. 

Contact Information

Address: 57 Balkanska St., Kruševac
Phone: +381 (0) 37 416-058
Fax: +381 (0) 37 416-377
Email: colo@vs.rs

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