10,000 Meters Hurdles

Friday, 3.6.2022 | Sport
At Military Training Ground "Beranovac" near Kraljevo, a 10,000 metres hurdles race was conducted today with participation from SAF members and Military Academy cadets.

The first one to cross the finishing line of the 10km track with 24 hurdles was Staff Sergeant 1st Class Dalibor Anđelković from the River Flotilla, whereas the winner of the women's competition was Military Servant Bojana Marić from the 1st Training Centre.

As for the teams’ competition, an Army team won the 1st place, the 2nd prize was received by the 72nd Special Operations Brigade team, whereas the 3rd prize winners were members of the 63rd Parachute Brigade. 

The 10,000 meters hurdles race is a test of physical fitness, skills and mental strength, and it is organized for the purpose of promoting team spirit, fair play and sport in the Serbian Armed Forces.

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