Serbian Armed Forces’ Members’ Success at Sporting Events

Monday, 7.8.2023 | Sport
At the 69th Open Parachute Championship of Serbia in target jumping, held this weekend in Niš, the most successful in team and individual rankings were members of the Serbian Armed Forces.

A convincing victory in the team competition was achieved by the Serbian Armed Forces Parachute Team “Sky Otters”, ahead of the teams of the Parachute Club of veterans of the 63rd Parachute Brigade “Archistratig” and the Aero-club “Our Wings” from Paraćin.

Competing with paratroopers from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Germany, North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Sergeant Stevan Miletić from the 63rd Parachute Brigade won first place, ahead of his colleague from the unit, Sergeant Major 1st Class Milan Svetozarević. In the women's competition, the best one was Sergeant Major 1st Class Radmila Đurić, also from the 63rd Parachute Brigade.

The First CISM Balkan Mountain Running Championship was held this weekend, where Sergeant Đuro Borbelj from the First Army Brigade won the gold medal in the men's competition. He was the first to run the eight-kilometer track competing with members of the armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Montenegro.

The excellent results of military paratroopers and athletes are a continuation of successful performances at numerous domestic and international competitions and an indicator of the high physical fitness of members of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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