SAF Tournament in 10,000m Hurdles

Wednesday, 20.9.2023 | Sport
A 10,000m hurdles has been held at the “Beranovac” Military Training Ground near Kraljevo today involving SAF members from all components as well as Military Academy cadets.

This is the annual SAF championship in this discipline which started last year with the aim of promoting competitive spirit, fair play and sports in the Serbian Armed Forces.

Teams from the General Staff, Army, Air Force and Air Defense, Training Command, Guard, 72nd Special Operations Brigade, 63rd Parachute Brigade, Special Purpose MP Detachment “Cobras” and Military Academy competed on a 10km track with 24 hurdles.

It was the Army team that won the team competition; second prize went to the Military Academy team, while the third place was taken by the 72nd Special Operations Brigade members.

Corporal Slađan Vujašanin, 5th MP Battalion, Army, won the individual competition, while Second Lieutenant Aleksandra Manić, Military Academy, was the best one in the women's competition.

Brigadier General Muharem Fazlić Head of the Training and Doctrine Directorate (J-7), designated by the Chief of the SAF General Staff, presented awards to the winners at a ceremony held at the “Ribnica” Barracks in Kraljevo.

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