SAF Members Most Successful Local Competitors at 35th Belgrade Marathon

Sunday, 15.5.2022 | Sport
Lieutenant Colonel Nenad Milosavljević from the Training and Doctrine Directorate (J-7) of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff and Sergeant Đuro Borbelj from the 1st Army Brigade ended up as most successful 35th Belgrade Marathon male competitors from our country.

Lieutenant Colonel Milosavljević won the 6th place in the 42 km race, while Sergeant Borbelj completed the half-marathon winning the 4th place, 12 seconds behind the bronze-medal winner and 4 minutes behind the gold-medal winner. Results scored by SAF members at the most visited sports competition in our country are confirmation of their high-level physical fitness and hard work. In fact, Lieutenant Colonel Milosavljević and Sergeant Borbelj scored better results than a number of professional athletes.

This year’s Belgrade marathon saw almost 170 SAF and MOD members taking part in the 42km and 21km races, whereas more than 150 cadets and military school students assisted in the organization being on duty on the refreshment points along the running track.

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