2nd Training Centre

The 2nd Training Centre is intended for the individual basic training primarily for soldiers on military service, but also for cadets, students and persons from the reserve component who did not serve military service with weapons. In addition, it implements part of the training of all categories of staff (from professional soldiers to officers, from active and reserve component).

The 2nd Training Centre is located in Valjevo, in the barracks "Vojvoda Živojin Mišić". The Centre comprises HQ, HQ Company, Training Battalion and Logistic Company.

Colonel Saša Stojiljković is the Commander of the 2nd Training Centre.

Tasks od the 2nd TC

The 2nd Training Centre is tasked with:

  • basic training of soldiers doing voluntary military service,
  • organization and realization of courses for specialization of professional personnel,
  • certification of the training of soldiers doing voluntary military service after completed phases of the basic and specialized training.

Training in 2nd TC

Basic training of soldiers of all military occupational specialties in the 1st Phase of the 1st Period – individual training period, is conducted at the Centre, in accordance with the unique plan and program of soldiers’ basic training. Due to the expressed needs, the Centre also conducts specialized training for soldiers-shooters (infantry) within the 2nd Phase of the 1st Training Period.

Training Structure: 

  • military training (tactical training, firing training, service regulation and drill)
  • physical training
  • morale

Basic training phase (1st Phase of the 1st Period – individual training period) lasts 6 weeks, i.e. 30 workdays or 180 classes.

Basic training is the same for all and its aim is the creation of a reliable, physically ready and motivated soldier who possesses the quality needed for combat, as well as the basic skills which would enable him to survive in the battle field and work as a member of a team or crew.

Background of the 2nd TC

The 2nd Training Centre was established on June 24, 2011 through reorganization of the 4th Training Centre. The Centre celebrates October 15 as the Day of the Unit. This date was chosen in remembrance of October 15, 1918, when Valjevo was liberated by the Serbian military.

The Centre continues and cherishes the tradition of the King Milan’s 5th Infantry Regiment, which was founded in 1883 in Valjevo. The 5th Regiment was a part of the Drina Division and it participated in all wars Serbia led from 1883 to 1918.

Contact Information

Address: Vojvode Mišića St., Valjevo
Phone: +381 (0) 14 296-008
Fax: +381 (0) 14 296-338
Email: 2.co@vs.rs

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