The Day of 204th aviation base marked

Tuesday, 2.12.2008 | Culture and traditions

The celebration was attended by Deputy Air Force Commander Brigadier General Nebojsa Djukanovic, the representatives of SAF and MoD.

With a ceremonious alignment of the members of the units and the flights of MiG29 planes, 2 December-the Day of 204th aviation base was marked. The celebration was attended by Deputy Air Force Commander Brigadier General Nebojsa Djukanovic, the representatives of SAF and MoD as well as the representatives of religious communities, of local self-government and of companies the aviation base closely cooperates with.

Recalling the history of the unit and the establishing of the air force fighter wing 59 years ago, the commander of 204th aviation base highlighted that the members of this unit with their professional commitment had created favorable working and living conditions at the air base. Renewing the infrastructure, raising the operability level of the planes and intensifying the specialist and expert training are the results this unit can take great pride in the last few years.

“We have had several planes and helicopters fully repaired. Furthermore, we have introduced into operational use the MiG29, JaK 40 and An 26 planes. For the first time in many years, our pilots have finally got the opportunity to train in night conditions and we have managed to restart the training of MG29 plane. Also, necessary preconditions were met to have a top-quality training of MiG 21 pilots for MiG 29 and we have trained our pilots in real space and weather conditions. During this year, we practiced interceptor activities of fighter aviation, performed a number of shooting activities and performed targeting ground and aerial targets with bombs and missiles, while transport aviation made performed many flights home and abroad. Our units participated in various air shows, while constantly securing the aerial space over Serbia. All this points to the fact that the units of 204th aviation base are ready to carry out their assigned tasks”, said Brigadier General Mirko Vranic.

On occasion of the celebration of the Day of 204th aviation base, distinguished unit members were awarded prizes and awards, while the pilots and technicians of the section of Zoran Radosavljevic, the pilot who was lost his life in 1999 NATO aggression, were presented with a traditional plaque by the pilot’s sister Snezana. At the end of the ceremony, numerous guests were able to see the air crafts and enjoyed the flights of MiG 29 planes which flew over the runway several times to the amazement and fascination of the youngest visitors.

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