Cyber Challenge 20

Monday, 23.11.2020 | Training
Three-day exercise "Cyber Challenge 20" started today, organized by the Directorate for Telecommunications and Information Technology (J-6) of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff. 

The topic of the exercise is the defense of the telecommunication-information system from threats from cyberspace, and in addition to the Serbian Armed Forces personnel, also participating are representatives of the private and public sector and the academic community who perform work in the field of information security.

Using a closed computer infrastructure, exercise participants practice offensive and defensive actions, response to security incidents in cyberspace, receiving and processing information and forensic analysis of cyber actions.

Aim of the exercise is developing the capabilities and training of military and defence systems of the Republic of Serbia for defence against high technology attacks and improving cooperation with the relevant public and private sectors in order to protect the information space.

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