Readiness Inspection for UN Mission in Lebanon

Thursday, 18.4.2019 | Multinational Operations

The readiness inspection of the Army and the Training Command units for the participation in the United Nations mission in Lebanon is underway in the Multinational Operations Training Centre.

The four-day evaluation exercise of the 2nd Army Brigade infantry company and a force protection platoon from the Training Command, named Serbian Shield 14, is carried out in the South Base and the Borovac Training Ground near Bujanovac.

During the exercise and the preparations for the deployment in the UN mission in Lebanon, the infantry company and the force protection platoon operate in conditions similar to those in Lebanon, and the “incidents” are suited to situations in which members of the Serbian Armed Forces can find themselves perform tasks in the operation zone.

An evaluation team of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff inspects the readiness of the units to occupy forward base camp and organize work within a base, to patrol, secure permanent checkpoint, convoys and escorts, crowd control, procedures in the case of running into mine and explosive obstacles, attack on a patrol or base and other situations. 

Representatives of the Spanish Armed Forces, within whose battalion in Lebanon our company will carry out its tasks, attended the readiness inspection of the 2nd Army Brigade infantry company.

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