Celebrating Military Holidays

Tuesday, 14.9.2021 | Culture and traditions
Today, military ceremonies in the garrisons of the Serbian Armed Forces marked the holidays of the artillery, military police, quartermaster, technical and traffic services, as well as the Day of the Mixed Artillery Brigade.

Congratulations on the occasion of the holiday were read at the ceremonies, the results in the previous period were summarized, and the most prominent individuals were presented with awards and commendations.

Artillery Day and Mixed Artillery Brigade Day are marked on September 14 in memory of the day when, in 1918, the artillery preparation for the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki Front began.
Military Police Day is marked on September 14 in memory of that date in 1955, when the military police was formed in the Yugoslav People's Army.

The Day of the Quartermaster's Service is marked in memory of September 14, 1885, when the order on the General Quartermaster's Office and the administration of the Supreme Staff was issued.

The day of technical service is marked on September 15, in memory of the day when, in 1891, in the gunpowder factory "Obilićevo" near Kruševac, the production of nitrocellulose (smokeless) gunpowder began.

The day of the traffic service is marked in memory of September 15, 1908, when the Decree on the establishment of the traffic service was issued.

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