Flight Training on H-145M Helicopters

Thursday, 10.2.2022 | Training
Regular training of members of the 98th Air Force Brigade for group flying on H-145M helicopters in winter conditions is being conducted at the military airport "Sergeant-pilot Mihajlo Petrović" and in the wider region of Niš.

Intensive training on H-145M helicopters has been conducted since their introduction into operational use in the Serbian Armed Forces in order to train as many crews as possible and be ready for the arrival of new aircraft of this type, and this segment is especially important since most flight tasks are conducted in a group from multiple aircraft. 

By performing landings and takeoffs on unsecured and snow-covered terrain, as well as group flights at different altitudes day and night, pilots improve helicopter control and management in favorable and complex meteorological conditions, and practice tactical actions and procedures necessary to perform search and rescue tasks and fire support tasks to the Army units.

The training also actively involves the technical staff in charge of helicopter safety and has a key role in preparing aircraft for flight. 

Multipurpose light helicopter H-145M is intended for transport of people and materials, search and rescue, medical transportation, reconnaissance, battlefield surveillance and fire support.

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