MiG-29 Aircraft Flight Training

Friday, 12.8.2022 | Training
At the military airport "Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović" in Batajnica and in the wider area of Belgrade, members of the 204th Aviation Brigade are undergoing regular flight training on MiG-29 aircraft.

The training is carried out with the aim of maintaining high level of the flight crew skills for performing airspace control and protection tasks.

In accordance with the training program, pilots in this period practice tactical procedures and procedures for intercepting targets in the air at different heights in favorable and complex meteorological conditions. Flight activities are carried out in coordination with fighter aviation guidance officers from the 126th Air Surveillance, Early Warning and Guidance Brigade. In this way optimal capabilities of all elements in the permanently deployed forces for airspace control and protection are achieved.

The technical staff of the squadron are actively involved in the training, whose expertise and professionalism are key to good maintaining of the aircraft and their availability for flying, and the emphasis is on the additional training of young officers who were posted in the unit, after successfully completing the Course for Air Force and Air Defense NCOs.

The MiG-29 aircraft is a multi-purpose combat aircraft capable of engaging targets on the ground and in the air, and is in the service of the 101st Fighter Aviation Squadron.

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