Practical Training for SAF NCO Candidates

Tuesday, 6.2.2024 | Training
At the Training Ground “Peskovi” near Požarevac, a stationary camp is in progress for civilian candidates preparing for admission to professional military service as non-commissioned officers of the Serbian Armed Forces.

The candidates are attending the 1st nine-month NCO Course, which started last year as a new model of training required for initial appointments as NCOs in the SAF.

The stationary camp was preceded by the first two training modules during which participants became qualified to fulfill basic military duties and able enough to command a group, team and squad.

The candidates are practicing defensive and offensive tactical actions and procedures in field conditions at the training ground; they are conducting live firing, moving in unfamiliar terrain with a map and hand compass and overcoming various obstacles on the ground.

The goal is to evaluate and put into action the knowledge and abilities they acquired and adapt future NCOs to living and working in field conditions.

After completing the camp, they are to undergo branch/service-specific specialist training and internship in SAF units for the positions they applied for. Those who pass successfully all four modules of the NCO Course will be promoted to the sergeant rank and join the officer ranks of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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