Training at the Basic NCO Course

Monday, 17.6.2024 | Training
Professional soldiers who have been attending the Basic NCO Course since April this year have successfully completed their stationary camp at the Training Ground “Peskovi” near Požarevac.

This form of field training takes place at the end of the first module of the course at the NCO Training Centre “Sergeant Milunka Savić”, and it provides the participants with the opportunity to put into action and check the basic military knowledge acquired so far for commanding a squad.

During several days of activities at the training ground, in the conditions resembling a real combat situation, future NCOs of the Serbian Armed Forces carried out various tactical and fire missions as squad commanders and deputy squad commanders.

Afterwards, the participants are expected to undergo branch / service-specific professional and specialist NCO training, lasting 12 weeks, and then, in the third module, a three-week internship in the SAF units.

The basic NCO course lasts for six months, and is attended by selected soldiers who have already completed the Leadership Course and have earned the opportunity to become NCOs of the Serbian Armed Forces through their work and results achieved while performing military duties in their units. Upon completion of this training, they will be promoted to the sergeant rank and assigned to appropriate initial NCO duties in the Serbian Armed Forces.

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