Training for Future NCOs According to New Training Model

Monday, 27.11.2023 | Training
Training of citizens from the civilian background has begun at the NCO Training Center “Sergeant Milunka Savić” in Pančevo, this month, for admission to professional military service as non-commissioned officers of the Serbian Armed Forces.

This is a new training model for initial NCO duties in the Serbian Armed Forces’ units implemented in four modules for the duration of nine months in total. This training includes the best and most prepared civilian candidates who applied for the competition announced in March this year.

The first two modules, during which participants acquire knowledge necessary to perform basic military duties and develop leadership skills in commanding squads, are implemented at the Center in Pančevo. Future NCOs are then sent to SAF training centers and units for specialized training to be practically trained to handle the branch / service-specific assets.

At the last training stage, candidates are sent to SAF units to do internship in accordance with the positions for which they applied, where they will have the opportunity to be in the role of deputy squad commanders and squad commanders and test the acquired knowledge in practice.

Candidates for non-commissioned officers are showing great interest and motivation during training, and those who successfully master all intended tasks during the training period will be promoted to the rank of sergeant and join the ranks of professional members of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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