Central celebration of the Serbia Statehood Day in Orašac

Friday, 15.2.2019 | Culture and traditions

The central state ceremony on the occasion of the celebration of Sretenje – Statehood Day of Serbia was held today with the highest state and military honors at the memorial complex in Orašac.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabić and President of Republika Srpska Željka Cvijanović laid wreaths at the Monument of Karađorđe. The laying of wreaths was preceded by commemoration to Karađorđe and the freedom fighters, which was served by the Bishop of Šumadija, Jovan and the clergy.

The ceremony was attended by Serbian MPs, Ministers in the Government of Serbia, representatives of Republika Srpska, the clergy and the diplomatic corps, and the delegation of the Serbian Armed Forces led by the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Milan Mojsilović.

Referring to the historic importance of marking the Statehood Day, Prime Minister Ana Brnabić pointed out that today we mark 215 years of the existence of a modern Serbian state.

- These key and groundbreaking events from the history of our country are important today for understanding and interpreting the moment when Serbia once again, as many times before, faces significant challenges, choices and decisions that will undoubtedly shape the future of our beloved country. And the future of our country, above all, depends on us - Prime Minister Brnabić emphasized.

She recalled that after the First and Second Serbian Uprisings, also known as the “Serbian Revolution”, Serbia became one of the few countries of the then Europe in which feudal relations were completely abolished.

- We need to be courageous and determined to overcome obstacles, just as our ancestors were, Prime Minister Brnabić emphasized, adding that, as our ancestors, whom we honor today, have integrated honor and heroism in the foundations of the Serbian state, so should we integrate knowledge and adequately prepare our youngest for the future.

Prime Minister Brnabić said that only through hard work and readiness for continuous learning and personal development, can we become and remain a society of successful, free and happy individuals.

- We have successfully completed the process of fiscal consolidation, the implementation of urgent and extraordinary measures of the economic recovery of the country and the rescue from the national disaster we were faced with in 2012. We are changing Serbia and building a better future for all our citizens - said Prime Minister Brnabić, stressing that the common vision is a modern Serbia.

Congratulating the Statehood Day, Prime Minister Brnabić pointed out that the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, lead a responsible policy and expressed her belief that this is a route that will bring progress and well-being to, without differences, all citizens of Serbia in the long run, which is the policy of essential transformation of our country.

President of Republika Srpska, Željka Cvijanović congratulated the Statehood Day of Serbia, wishing to Serbia and Republika Srpska peace and stability, economic progress and a secure environment.

As part of the celebration of today’s holiday, a delegation of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces, led by the Chief of the General Staff Operations, Major General Želimir Glišović, laid a wreath at the Church St. George at Oplenac.

The National Day of Serbia is celebrated on 15-16 February and Sretenje is a national holiday marking two significant historical dates that are important for the cultural, historical and national identity of the Serbs. On that day in 1804, the Serbian freedom fighters, assembled at Oplenac, decided to start the First Serbian Uprising led by Karađorđe. On the same date in 1835, the Sretenjski Constitution, the first constitution of Serbia, was adopted in Kragujevac.

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