Holidays of Command for Development of Banat Brigade and Peacekeeping Operations Centre

Wednesday, 17.11.2021 | Culture and traditions
Military ceremonies on the occasion of the Day of Command for Development of Banat Brigade and the Day of the Peacekeeping Operations Centre were held today in the barracks "NH Svetozar Marković Toza" in Zrenjanin and "Banjica 2" in Belgrade.

On the occasion of the holiday, ceremonies were held at which congratulations were read, the results of the work in the year behind us were summarized and awards and commendations were presented to the most prominent individuals.

Military ceremonies were held with the full implementation of all prescribed measures to combat and prevent the spread of COVID-19 infectious disease.

The Day of the Command for Development of Banat Brigade is marked in memory of November 17, 1918, when the victorious Serbian military entered Veliki Bečkerek, today's Zrenjanin.

The Day of the Peacekeeping Operations Centre is marked on November 17, 1956, when the advanced party of the Yugoslav People's Army Detachment was deployed in the United Nations Emergency Response Force in Sinai.

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