Exercise of the Serbian Armed Forces and the US Armed Forces

Tuesday, 14.9.2021 | Training
Bilateral tactical training exercise of the Serbian Armed Forces and the United States Armed Forces "Sky Bridge 21" is being conducted this week at the military airport "Sergeant-pilot Mihajlo Petrović" in Niš and in the wider region of Leskovac.

The goal of the exercise, which is attended by members of the 63rd Parachute Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces and the 173rd Parachute Brigade of the US Armed Forces, is to improve interoperability and mutual understanding at the tactical level during humanitarian operations to supply vulnerable populations from air.

Members of parachute units practice tactics, techniques and procedures when performing special and classic parachute landing, landing cargo from aircraft, as well as securing the landing area. More than 150 paratroopers are taking part in the exercise, and An-26 transport planes of the Serbian Armed Forces and C-130 "Hercules" of the US Armed Forces are being used for conducting parachute jumps and land cargo.

By conducting such exercises, members of the Serbian Armed Forces exchange knowledge and experience with members of the armed forces of partner countries and improve their ability to perform specific tasks that can be expected in operations to provide assistance to vulnerable populations and in multinational peace support operations. 

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