Final Preparations for Live Firing against Aerial Targets

Monday, 5.6.2023 | Training
Members of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade and 204th Air Force Brigade are going to execute live firing against aerial targets at the “Shabla” Range in the Republic of Bulgaria this year, too.

Air defence combat crews and aviation units are already in Bulgaria making final preparations for firing.

At the “Shabla” Range, the missileers are refining the procedures for preparation and execution of firing using the “Neva” and “Kub” missile systems, examining materiel and preparing the missiles, while the flight and technical components of the aviation squadrons are at Plovdiv Airport making final preparations for the upcoming engagement of targets from “Mig-29” planes.

Live firing is intended to improve the Air Force and Air Defence units’ overall capabilities for protecting the airspace of the Republic of Serbia. This will be a baptism of fire for the youngest units’ members and an opportunity for them to test practically the capabilities of SAF materiel.

SAF units participate in live firing in Bulgaria because the “Shabla” Range on the Black Sea coast provides all necessary conditions for engaging aerial targets. Successful performances of the past years are confirmation of a high level of skills and quality of firing practices and fire for record conducted in our country.

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