Training of Members of the Hungarian Military at the CBRN Center

Thursday, 16.9.2021 | Training
This week, the Serbian Armed Forces Center for Atomic-Biological-Chemical Defense (CBRN) in Kruševac is training members of the Hungarian military with real toxic chemicals.

The training is conducted by certified instructors of the CBRN Center and the Hungarian military, using the training capacity in the "Car Lazar" barracks and at the "Ravnjak" range.

During the five-day training, members of the CBRN units of the Hungarian military improve their knowledge of toxic chemicals from Lists 1, 2 and 3 of the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and are practically trained to work with real toxic chemicals. 

Use of means and equipment for nuclear-radiological-chemical-biological (CBRN) protection, application of procedures in the detection of toxic chemicals, work of patrols of the atomic-biological-chemical service on assessment of contaminated land and facilities, chemical decontamination of weapons and equipment, as well as providing medical assistance in case of contact with toxic substances, are part of the training program. 

Training with real toxic chemicals for members of the Hungarian military, which has been implemented at the CBRN Center since 2016, is a form of international confirmation of the quality of training in the Serbian Armed Forces units and contributes to the development of overall bilateral relations with our northern neighbor.

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