Soldiers' Basic Field Training

Thursday, 7.7.2022 | Training
Stationary camping of soldiers who started their military service in June this year has ended in the basic training centres of the Serbian Armed Forces in Valjevo, Leskovac and Sombor.

This is a segment of basic individual training that, in accordance with the training program for soldiers on military service, is implemented for the purpose of training them for life, work and the implementation of tasks in field conditions, outside the area where the unit is based.   

During the multi-day training, the focus was on rehearsing the tactical actions and procedures of soldiers in battle, such as orientation, observation, camouflage, movement on the battlefield, making shelters for action and protection, and all planned firing from infantry weapons were conducted. 

Continuing their military service, soldiers are expected to be tested for their ability to perform individual tasks, and then transfer to specialist centers of the Serbian Armed Forces, where they will be trained to perform duties within their branches and services.

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